Ambulance transports can be expensive. Fortunately, the FireMed program offers you a low cost alternative for unexpected emergency transport expenses. When you are a FireMed member, you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance transport. FireMed will bill your insurance directly and pay any portion of the bill that may not be covered by your insurance plan. FireMed benefits cover not only you but every member of your household. The annual membership means no worries and no ambulance bills for you and your family.

FireMed an ambulance membership program that covers you and members of your household for emergency medical treatment and transport services for a 50 dollar annual fee.

Should a member require medically necessary ambulance transport, the department will bill the member’s insurance coverage and write off any remaining balance.
FireMed member will not receive a bill for any balance.
To learn more about the FireMed program please email Visit for more information or to complete an online application

You can also call 541-241-4772 or email for any questions about the FireMed program.

For more information visit FireMed website