District Area Profile

The City of Bend, the largest community in Central Oregon, is located near Mt. Bachelor, one of the best-known ski areas in the northwest. At an elevation of 3,600 feet, mild summers and winters that can be punctuated by large snowstorms. Most of the precipitation occurs during winter months.

Bend's population is approximately 80,000, with an outlying rural population of an additional 20,000. However, due to the abundance of recreational facilities, the population rises drastically during the peak vacation seasons. The area's economy is based on recreation and tourism. Originally, the timber industry supported the region, however, with the decrease in available timber sales this industry has all but disappeared in Bend. The department is responsible for the City of Bend and the Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District # 2, which contracts for protection. It also has large fire contracts that include private contracts, resorts, High Desert Museum, and the Mt. Bachelor ski area.

In addition to fire protection, the department's Emergency Medical Services Division is responsible for more than 1600 square miles. In 1984, the department was chosen to receive the ALS Provider of the Year awards by the Oregon State Emergency Medical Technician.

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